Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dawn at Bald Rock

Yarrow said to John, who was here to do some natural horsemanship: "And this week we're going camping, somewhere wild, where we can have a campfire and see the stars, 'cos if we don't, Mum's going to go loopy".
And so we went. So that Mum doesn't go loopy.
With four children (Tess, Kel, Yarrow and Eve) and a Forrester packed to the brim; following my good and dear friends Michael and Giovanni in their 4WD, we made it after many lovely hours of calm and winding roads to Bald Rock National Park. Tents, campfire, birdlife, kangaroos, and the high wild heights of the Rock.
On the last day Tess and Kel, enchanted by the opportunities for scrambling and climbing offered by the Rock, wished to climb it one last time, in -6 degrees before dawn, to see the simultaneous sunrise and full-moonset from the top.
Tess said, sitting high above the world with her arms curled around her legs for warmth, as the light from the early sun caught her eyes and set them aglow:
"This is so beautiful. I'm never, never, never going to forget this day".
More photos can be found here, on Michael and Giovanni's site.
Thank you M&G for sharing such wonderful adventurous times with us.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Running with the Brumby mare

Here is Rascal Darius running with his dam when he was only a day old. The mare is our very own Duchess, a brumby caught in outback Queensland during a muster. All credit to my good friend and neighbour Bruce (The Kangaman) who took this stunning photo.